Intending to produce a strong impact in the prevention and risk management of antibiotic resistance, the PREVENT IT project is developing multiple initiatives to improve the state of the art of Indian society. Through the launch of innovative learning courses, the organization of public events, and the launch of an awareness social media campaigns, the main purpose of the project is to generate a common conscience on antibiotic resistance in the Indian academic and societal environments. The goal is to involve and engage different stakeholders providing scientific information related to the impact of antibiotics resistance (ABR) on Indian society.


In the framework of established cooperation between Indian and European partners, the project is developing an inclusive and innovative curriculum aimed to build specific skills in ABR prevention and risk management. The courses created and introduced in the framework of the PREVENT IT project have been permanently included in the academic study plan of several Indian universities, creating skills and awareness among students and key societal players. To meet the requirements of each study program involved, the courses introduced are be divided into differentiated modules based on the needs of the Indian students. Involving the participation of experts working in academia and civil society organizations, the modules are characterized by the interdisciplinary approach generating a critical understanding of the topics covered in the modules.


With the engagement of Indian and European experts from multiple academic and non-academic organizations, the PREVENT IT project is regularly organizing events to live-debate and exchange opinions over the best strategies to tackle ABR in India. The events are hosted at Indian universities and civil society organizations. To maximize the target audience outreached, webinars are regularly broadcasted at the PREVENT IT YouTube channel. During the last year of the project, at the PREVENT IT international symposium, the Indo-European One Health Association will officially launch and presented to the scientific community. The Association will have the primary goal to act as an incubator for the new Indo-European initiatives contributing to the global fight against antimicrobial resistance.


To enlarge the target audience, PREVENT IT project is developing multiple open online courses. Taking interdisciplinarity as a pedagogical best practice, the online courses are delivered by professionals from different health branches, united by the will to offer a different and complementary perspective on the prevention and risk management of ABR in the Indian society. Helping to create an encompassing picture of ABR prevention both in Indian and European environments, everybody will have the opportunity to attend free-of-cost the PREVENT IT online courses.


The ultimate goal of the project is to spread awareness over the impact of ABR to as many people as possible. With this in mind, the PREVENT IT awareness campaign has been launched on social media to inform Indian society about the ABR causes and the possible solutions that everyone can implement to mitigate the adverse impact of antibiotic resistance. The PREVENT IT campaign aims to tackle the contemporary lack of societal awareness regarding the negative societal and economic consequences that the world will face if no concrete actions will be taken.