ABR Courses

Curricula is one of the major assets for the PREVENT IT – RISK MANAGEMENT AND PREVENTION OF ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANCE. The project aims to impart awareness regarding the risk of antibiotic resistance due to its overuse. During the first year of the project, one of the major goals was to design innovative Curricula with Consortium partners. Equal attention and efforts have been paid to spread learning about Antibiotics Resistance to the social development sector; hence, local public, Anganwadi workers and social groups are gaining awareness with the designed curricula keeping in mind the intellectual capacity of the individuals who are not from traditional science and medical background. Associate Researchers hired within the project means have been instrumental in planning the courses with partner universities professors. The complete course plan with teaching methodology, objectives of the courses implemented can be accessed through this web page.          

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University

Amrita Institute of Medical Science has included 9 courses that deals with programs of Bachelors and Masters level students. The courses have used interactive as well as practical approach to disseminate the curriculum. The courses range from Pharmacy, Microbiology, Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Chitkara University

At Chitkara University, Chitkara School of Health Sciences has implemented 10 courses at Bachelors and Master levels that will provide clarity and awareness about the causes and effects of Antibiotics Resistance. The courses range from Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Radiation and Imaging Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Dialysis Theatre Technology, Optometry, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy at Bachelors level; Business Administration in Healthcare, Optometry, Allied Health Sciences at Masters level.


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Training

In Kalinga Institute of Industrial Training, Kalinga School of Public Health has taken Antibiotics Resistance as a subject in 2 courses which are Nursing and Public Health. The curricula in the courses is strategized to provide an in depth knowledge and awareness on the topic of concern

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

In Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Prasanna School of Public Health has included the key topics on Antibiotics Resistance in 5 different courses ranging from Infectious disease, Epidemiology and Public Health at Masters level.

Rural Institute for Peoples Enlightenment (RIPE)

RIPE, a Non-governmental organization  is focused to influence the community through 2 different courses designed on risk management and prevention of Antibiotics Resistance. The target audience include school children, farmers, Functionaries of Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) and community health workers

Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

At Symbiosis, Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences has included 5 variant courses which will be implemented at Master’s level that will help students increase their knowledge about Antibiotics Resistance and its prevention. The syllabus on Antibiotics Resistance is included in  program of Biotechnology, Biochemistry & Nutrition and dietetics.

Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT)

Alike to RIPE, VHAT is also the non-governmental organization. It also emphasize on influencing 2 courses that are designed to sensitize the local groups in the East of India. The target audience include school children, farmers, Functionaries of Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) and community health workers