SECOND EMPOWERMENT CAMP-Maastricht University, Netherlands

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SECOND EMPOWERMENT CAMP-Maastricht University, Netherlands

The 2nd Empowerment camp on Risk Management & Prevention of Antibiotics Resistance- Prevent IT’, a European Commission funded project, was organized by Maastricht University, The Netherlands, from 2nd to 6th September, 2019. The 5-Day intra-consortium empowerment camp aimed at creating the multidisciplinary curriculum for students, healthcare professionals and general public about the risk management and prevention of antibiotic resistance (ABR).

The event began with a very warm welcome by Dr. Peter Schroder Back, Associate Professor, Maastricht University, to all the participants. The esteemed presence of Prof Helmut Brand, Chairman, Department of International Health, Maastricht University, also graced the occasion. The gathering involved participation of intra-consortium partners from Health Science team, Quality Assurance team as well as culture mediation team. 

The first four days of the camp were dedicated for the detailed presentations on the proposed curriculum by Health science team from Indian universities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The presentations included the detailed description of course plan viz. content, learning methodology and teaching assessment for different programs. The presentations were followed by fruitful discussions and feedback from European as well as Indian Health Science experts. During the discussion a lot of emphasis was laid on development of a sustainable curriculum and its exploitation as the final outcome of the project. An expert talk was also executed by Dr. Danielle Verstegen on ‘know-how’ of online e-course (MOOC). 

A hospital tour was organized at Maastricht University Medical Center+, an academic hospital located in Maastricht, to have an insight on the policy/working of the hospital. A session on how infection control program is organized in Netherlands was delivered by Dr. WC (Wil) van der Zwet, Medical Microbiologist. 

The final day involved the discussion between the members of coordinators board meeting on the next steps and deadlines to be met for the better execution of the project.

To access the agenda for the event, please click here!