Wild boar as a reservoir of antimicrobial resistance

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Wild boar as a reservoir of antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)  has been recognized as an emerging and growing problem worldwide. The concept of “One health” clearly highlights the ubiquitous distribution of these resistant organisms in humans, soil, water and environment.  Though the knowledge about these organisms in humans is well versed but literature pertaining to other zones is still lacking. In this direction, an effort has been made by Torres et al. to understand the prevalence of resistance organisms in wild life, specifically wild boar (Sus scrofa) across Europe.

It has been highlighted that wild boar is a perfect model species to unveil the emergence, spread and persistence of AMR at the human-livestock-wildlife interface. The article summarizes the existing knowledge on the prominence of wild boar as a reservoir of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. The analyses of available data indicated that the existence of resistant bacteria is increasing at high pace and will be of growing concern. The bacterial species particularly E. coliSalmonella spp. and Enterococcus spp., bio-indicators of AMR, and have been mainly conducted in three countries: Spain, Portugal and Germany. Thought the distribution shows greater variation but lack of harmonized sampling and testing protocols makes it difficult to compare AMR in wild boar. Hence, there is need for the establishment of standardized protocols keen to provide quantitative comparable data is highlighted.

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