PREVENT IT Associate Researchers’ Training at the University of Milan, Italy

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PREVENT IT Associate Researchers’ Training at the University of Milan, Italy

The researchers of the PREVENT IT project undertook a five-day intensive training at the University of Milan and Niguarda hospital from 30th May, 2022 to 3rd June 2022. The training was provided by experts from various fields viz. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, One Heath unit and Department of Clinical Microbiology. The researchers were exposed to the novel technologies being developed in the field of drug delivery such as site-specific delivery, mechanisms of action, advantages, and challenges of these novel technologies were discussed in detail.  The demonstration of 3D printing for the making of the capsules, tablets, etc for the experimental purpose was provided.  The visit to pharmaceutical labs gave an idea of the manufacturing and quality control of the drugs. It was interesting to learn the new pathways viz. Lipopolysaccharide transporter (LPT) to target Gram-negative organisms. 

Further in today’s trend of interdisciplinary collaborations, an amazing experience to understand the role of Physics in air disinfection using non-thermal plasma was astonishing. The overall scenario related to the use of antibiotics in animals especially, cows was described including the factors leading to antibiotic resistance. This was followed by a visit to the laboratory wherein the research activities and related microbiological techniques are performed. Moreover, the visit to the Dairy Farmers Association laboratory was an eye-opener to the real scenario of quality control of the milk. The same is achieved using quantitative & qualitative analysis of the milk using automated machinery and advanced microbiological tests. In the end, the training provided by Niguarda hospital highlighted the various factors playing role in the antibiotic selection, the importance, and relevance of the EUCAST and CLSI guidelines with respect to the interpretation of the antibiogram.  Overall, the advanced knowledge gained by the Associates on areas of drug development, delivery, quality control, and judicious use of drugs can be tailored to Indian context ensuring a step ahead in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

To access the agenda of the training, please click here!