Second International Workshop on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance and Global Connectivity’ by Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India

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Second International Workshop on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance and Global Connectivity’ by Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India

Prevent It Team, Prasanna School of Public Health (PSPH), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal organized the Second International Workshop on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance and Global Connectivity’ on Monday, August 08, 2022 (09:00 to 15:15 hours IST) on the Premises of Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal.

Dr Venkatraya Prabhu (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences, MAHE, Manipal); Dr Asha Kamath (Associate Director; Head of the Department, Department of Data Science; PSPH, MAHE), Dr. Prakash Narayanan (Coordinator, PREVENT IT Project, PSPH) inaugurated the Event, Lit the Lamp, delivered the Welcome address.

The first half of the sessions discussed AMR as a developmental issue and crisis. Prof Dr. Sudhir Kumar Satpathy (Director, School of Public Health, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneshwar) gave the opening remarks, to set the base for the session. Ms Riya Joshi (Associate Researcher, Symbiosis International University, Pune) discussed the basics of ABR and its spread in humans, animals, plants, and the Environment in a Global Context. Ms. Olga Gershuni (Research Associate, Maastricht University, The Netherlands) shared her research experience and discuss the effect of migration on AMR.

The next half of the events discussed the solutions, and mitigation strategies to tackle the problem of AMR. Dr. Sanjay M Pattanshetty (Head of the Department, Department of Global Health, PSPH) explained existing trade frameworks to Tackle AMR. Ms. Salina Mary Alex (Infection Control Nurse, ICMR– CDC Project, AIMS, Kochi) and Ms. Fabia Edathadathil (Quantitative Researcher, AIMS) spoke on advancement in AMR detection in Healthcare Settings. Mr. Joydeep Bhusan (Coordinator, SANC-Tripura, Voluntary Health Association of Tripura, Tripura) spoke on the role of community and Community Sensitization to Tackle AMR

The day ended with a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Prakash Narayanan Vasudevan Potty (Coordinator, Prevent It Project; Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal). Dr. Prashanth Bhat (District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer, Udupi), Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay (Associate Dean, Kasturba Medical College, MAHE), Dr. Shankar Shetty (Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Udupi), gave insights on the field reality of AMR. Dr. Vandana K E (Prof and Head, Department of Microbiology, KMC, Manipal) was the panel member who provided details on the prevention on AMR in hospital settings.

The Concluding Remarks/Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Prakash Narayanan. Overall, it was an interactive and insightful session for all the students and faculties who took part in the workshop.

To access the agenda of the workshop, please click here!