Second International Workshop on ‘One Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance’ by Chitkara University, Punjab, India

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Second International Workshop on ‘One Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance’ by Chitkara University, Punjab, India

The use of miracle drugs – Antibiotics is not only confined to humans, but also involves the treatment of animal and plant diseases. However, as they say, excess of everything is bad. The misuse of antibiotics has led us to face an alarming situation of Antibiotic Resistance– a situation in which the disease-causing bacteria have become stronger and antibiotics no longer can save us from them. To overcome this, there is an urgent need to bring together representatives from all the relevant sectors via One Health approach and discuss on a common platform on how to tackle this upcoming problem. In this regard, an international workshop on ”One Health: An interdisciplinary approach to tackle Antibiotic Resistance” was organized as part of the Erasmus+ funded project PREVENT IT.  The event was a collaborative effort of Chitkara Spaak Centre for Multidisciplinary European Studies and Chitkara School of Health Sciences (CSHS). The event was scheduled on 5th August 2022 (Friday) at Einstein Hall, Galileo Block, Chitkara University, Punjab from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. 

The key aim of the workshop was to create awareness regarding the problem of Antibiotic Resistance and find solutions through the One Health approach.  Around 140 participants including students and staff from Allied Health Sciences, Optometry and Nursing took part in the event. The event consisted of insightful lecture series by experts from Indian and European Universities. The welcome address was given by Dr. Sonika Bakshi (Dean, CSHS), which was followed by felicitation.   The first session was delivered by Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sathpathy (from KIIT Deemed to be University. Odisha) on the basics of antibiotics, antibiotic use in humans, animals, and plants as well the spread. The focus of the talk was also to highlight the mechanism of antibiotic resistance. Further Ms. Poonam Kanojiya (from SymbiosisIU, Pune) provided insights on the importance and need of the One Health concept with respect to Antibiotic resistance. Dr. Sangita Sudhir (from AIMS Cochin) and Ms. Fabia (from Amrita University, Cochin) discussed in brief the initiatives under One Health by Indian private and public sectors with special emphasis on Infection and prevention.

Following this, Ms. Olga Gershuni (from Maastricht University, Maastricht) discussed the initiatives under One Health by European countries. The representative from Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), RIPE, Tirupati – Mr. Muni Mohan shared his views on how they are contributing to the cause by creating awareness among the public. In the end, the students also pitched in by presenting their learning through a round of modeling to sensitize the audience about the seriousness of ABR and their role as healthcare professionals in the fight against Antibiotic Resistance. The feedback from the students was undertaken and it seemed that such workshops are very useful and a great way in empowering the students and faculty about the situation.

To access the agenda for the event, please click here!