Second Round of Societal Dissemination Events on “Combat Antibiotic Resistance-Need of the hour” by RIPE, Tirupati

Second Round of Societal Dissemination Events on “Combat Antibiotic Resistance-Need of the hour” by RIPE, Tirupati

The role of women self-help groups (SHGs) in the society is well known. These are informal associations of people who come together to find ways to improve their living conditions. Especially in country like India, it is very important to have such groups that can help others and reach out to a wider community. The practice of empowering the knowledge of SHGs on health-related aspects empowers and enables the community to learn from their peers leading to better health outcomes. On similar lines, the Rural Institute of Peoples Enlightenment (RIPE, Tirupati), a partner non-governmental organization of Prevent It Project hosted a 3 days workshop on “Combat Antibiotic Resistance-Need of the hour” at DRDA Conference Hall, near youth Hostel, Tirupati. The event took place from Nov 19th to Nov 21st. The major focus of the event was to create awareness among the women SHGs about the upcoming global health issue of Antibiotic Resistance (ABR).

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Mr. N. Muni Mohan, CEO, RIPE wherein a brief overview on ABR and PREVENT IT project was shared. The technical session began with the expert talk by Mr. K.V.Ramana, Health Supervisor, who discussed the role of human behavior and advocacy on ABR followed by role of community leaders. The next session was taken by K.V. Dinesh Babu, APD, who shares the information about the involvement of environment and ABR. The emergence and spread of ABR in environment and its impact on human health was explained in details in layman language. After a brief introduction on ABR and its devastating affect on our health was discussed, Mr. Muni Mohan shared and delivered an informative session on the role of SHGs in combating ABR. He explained how the information sharing among farmers, poultry personnel’s and peers by SHGs is important in curbing the situation of ABR. In the end, a video created by project team was shown to the audience to ensure through understanding of the ABR problem. The information shared throughout the sessions was supported by the statistics provided by World Health Organization.

Such events are very important to empower the women SHGs and further, ensuring the better, happy and healthy future of the society.

To access the agenda of the events, please click here!


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